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One of the goals of education is to carry out the learning process to create graduates with noble personalities. To
achieve this goal, schools need to apply disciplinary rules. However, sometimes the application of these
disciplinary rules is not in line with the response of students. There are still many problems with student violations,
including in schools with a boarding system. The purpose of this research is to see how the school climate relates
to the intention of disciplinary violations. This study used a correlational quantitative research design attended
by 60 SMART Ekselensia Indonesia high school students through purposive sampling. It used two questionnaire
measuring devices adapted from the concept of behavioral intention theory and the concept of school climate, it
found that school climate had a significant inverse relationship to the intention of disciplinary violations with a
contribution of 22.2%. It means that a positive school climate is believed to reduce the intention of disciplinary
violations at the school. Further research is needed to perfect the results of this study so that it can answer the
hypothesis more comprehensively.

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