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Trends in Islamic Education Research in Millah: Journal of Religious Studies. This study aims to analyze published articles in the field of Islamic education in Millah from the last twenty years. The type of this research is a descriptive qualitative with literature study. Data collection techniques are carried out out using document analysis techniques, and data analysis technique is conducted by qualitative content analysis through data coding with the help of the Nvivo 12 Plus software and Ms. Excel. The frequency and percentage of each category are calculated. The findings of the research show that the total number of collected Millah articles in the field of Islamic education is 98 articles. In general, the majority of the authors of this journal comes from internal writers of Islamic University of Indonesia, although several authors from Malaysia are also participated. Most of the collected articles were written by single authors. The type of conducted research is mostly qualitative research, and the use of research methods is mostly a literature study. The findings also show that the most articles with Islamic education themes were published in 2010. The contribution of this research includes providing information regarding research trends in Islamic education, evaluation material for journal organizers as well as a form of equitable distribution of the scope of scientific research studies.


Millah, Research Trends, Field Of Education, Educational Research, Content Analysis

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Mohamad Joko Susilo, Yuningsih. (2023). TRENDS IN ISLAMIC EDUCATION RESEARCH IN MILLAH: JOURNAL OF RELIGIOUS STUDIES. Jurnal Pendidikan Dompet Dhuafa, 13(01), 47-54. Retrieved from